Applications - Marine

Sinox International has been delivering customer satisfaction since 1978.   The range of applications for stainless steel products continues to grow.   In such a competitive market we differentiate ourselves by producing the highest quality with full traceability and certification. 


For almost 40 years we have been the supplier of choice for some of the largest manufacturers. Look at any production yacht or power boat and it will be hard not to see a product produced by Sinox International. 

Our manufacturing processes, material selection and surface finish ensure we are producing consistently the best. We certify our material composition and physically test the products. Each batch is recorded and has full traceability which we keep for seven years. 

The marine industry is built on having products that are reliable. For recreational and commercial use, strength, durability and confidence ensures long lasting supply and customer satisfaction. The products we produce are tried and tested. 

The maturity of our range and number of satisfied customers stands as testament to our quality. With a large range of core products for marine applications Sinox International can also produce your own designs. If you have an existing product or a new Idea we are here to assist and support you develop and manufacture products to your design and specification. We can also take any of the range and make it yours by applying a laser engraved brand, serial number or mark to help differentiate the product in your market. 

As a sustainable strategic supplier we want you to have the best product and achieve a price point that allows you to win. We understand the challenges, the applications and are here to help. 

Specific Ranges

A collection of common marine application products grouped for your convenience.

Power Boat Products

Yacht Guard Wires

General  Rigging