Corporate Social Responsibility

Kinzi is proud to be considered one of the World’s most sustainable supply partners in stainless steel investment casting, forging and machining. 

Our corporate social responsibility is embedded into our strategic business development. It helps shape our decisions and leads us to ensure we take into consideration the impact on the environment, culture and wellbeing of the people who we work with. 

For manufacturing we utilise advanced air and water filtrations systems to collect burned off gasses, oils, chemical and waste particles to ensure we are not passing harmful or impure substances back in the local eco system. Our factory is in a beautiful part of the World and we want to ensure the processes to manufacture does not harm this. To this end we are certified by the Thai Board of Industry having been awarded ‘Green’ status. We continue to develop and work on initiatives to reduce our footprint with our use of energy, recycling, consolidation of transportation and packaging selection. 

Our customers understand doing these processes does add to the cost of business. We believe and our customers agree this is small price to pay to protect the environment for future generations. Therefore we actively encourage our customers to visit our factory and see for themselves. 

Our production and service teams have embraced the policies that have been set within our framework. They are actively encouraged to find better ways of working to achieve our goals and endeavour personal achievement. We do not consider shortcuts in helping our customers achieve their goals. While our competitors often believe in short term profits, we believe in long term partnerships.