Packing and Logistics

With great care taken in the production process of parts we ensure the safe and considerate packing of items to the highest standard. We are conscious of the implications of correct packaging material and work with customers to ensure compliance with systems and that of environmental impact. Examples include: Specific box and pallet sizes for automated warehouse systems. 

Barcoding and clear labelling. Simple brown tape and minimal strapping to allow reuse of packaging and / or ease of recycling. 

As a strategic partner we want to ensure you limit the cost of freight and have the correct tariff codes with certification where free trade agreements apply. 

We will work with you to ensure we organise the packing details and communicate with nominated shipping agents to help facilitate the smooth and efficient arrival of goods. Our customer service team are experienced and here to help. 

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is an efficient way to help differentiate products or add extra detail as an alternative to stamping. All our products are available to be laser engraved. 

This is a final process at the end of the production just before packing. Examples of laser engraving which represents added value are: Branding - differentiate the products in the local market and add you own brand name or logo Serial numbers - offering even greater traceability where products require it. CE mark to comply with specific legislation.