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KINZi CAFE - Creative Advance Facade Engineering
In 2002 Kinzi declared it's commitment to research and development in the glass facade industry. By making full use of the company's knowledge and technological expertise in stainless steel, Kinzi Café aimed to become the best solution for glass facade projects.

Since then the "Café" (Creating Advance Facade Engineering) group
was born. The Café group continues to play a central role in creating technologies that help the company's growth and provide basic competence in all areas of Kinzi's current business.

Currently, Kinzi's Café group focuses on the following research areas to bring ideas and innovations into ongoing projects.

   » Quality design solutions, using IT to produce detailed art form design in stainless steel joints that will
       enrich facade designs and values.
   » Sustainable environmental solutions, providing research into temperature and energy control with
       fiber optic sensory control.
 » Advanced visual spacing design, by working with new
     materials and cable construction to enhance space
 » Facade management solutions, drawing on our wealth of
     experience and technology to contribute to project cost
     and efficiency.
By co-operating withour partners, business groups and outside researchers, we aim to achieve customer satisfaction and contribute to long-lasting glass facade projects with passion and pride.

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